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Feeling nervous about today

This afternoon I've got to see a dentist at the dental hospital about my jaw. It's been a long wait to get this appointment and I am scared about it. Not sure what will happen, I'm hoping for x rays or whatever they can do for me. Last night had a dream about my Grandma, she died in 2012 of cancer. She died 4 weeks after the cancer was found. It got me thinking, how come my anxiety didn't effect me then? I was on edge and worried for her but I didn't have anxiety at all. I miss her so much. At least she's out of pain now which is a blessing.

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Wow I am laughing at myself now. Dad told me to check the box of letters again and after looking through about 10 of them, there was my letter about today! I did look last night and well didn't see it. How strange but I'm glad I found it :)


Good luck for today Hun. Anxiety gets us in different ways I also lost my grandparents in 2007 and still struggle with the grief but I had no anxiety then xxx


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