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Panic over hospital letter!

Tomorrow I am going to the dental hospital but can't find the letter about it! My Mum moves stuff around and she claimed it's in the huge box of letters, it's not! I need the letter. I knew this would happen. I am trying to be panic or freak out but it;s started. I feel like screaming about it but what's the point. I need to calm down or else I will lose it.

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I have miss laid letters so many times & the more I panic the less chance we find them

Try & sit & have a cup pf tea or something , get yourself calm & go through the box again , taking your time , as in a panic we can over look things

Think of any where else it could possibly be

If the worse comes to the worse & you cant find it , can you remember the time & place you were to go

You go phone a head & explain you have mislaid the letter or just turn up , they will still see you as you wont be the first to loose one

How did you get on with your trainers , I hope you managed to get a result

Let us no if you find it , but still attend if you dont





I am calm now. Still can't find the letter, it's missing! I will call the hospital in the morning as AnxiousMe. I know the appointment is at 2pm so I hope I can call them and ask them if I need the letter or not. I have been thinking hostials have all things online these days so all I should need is my name and time to see the doctor? I didn't call Littlewoods today, I forgot! I will call them on Wednesday once I got tomorrow out of the way


They normally will ask just your name and DOB. Often these places have electronic signing in systems. Take care


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