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Hi everyone, haven't been on in a couple of days been busy and concentrating on my going out, hope everyone is feeling good today.

ive been eating sooooo much better im a very happy about that, appetite still strange some days but its not stopped me eating, last time I put on 2lb so hopefully more but il check next week, don't want to get obsessed in checking:P

My goal last time to go to the field, ive done that again, struggled yesterday so I just met my boy half way, on my lonesome so I guess that is still improvement.

Just going to try and enjoy my day today, bought some jeans as my leggings had a big hole in the bottom! and I can only wear leggings as im a bit thin, but these fit gorgeous, good jeans feeling confident and happy:P the things that cheer me up... shopping!! :D in the shops next :D I can

Take care everyone and have a positive day xx

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Morning :-)

I did noticed you had been quite & was wondering how you were & its made me really happy to read your post to see while you have been quite you have done fantastic !

I feel your determination & read you progress & it brings a smile to my face :)

Well done on the eating , the going out & well new clothes & shopping , what women doesnt have that hobby as one at the top of her list , not many :-/

I am glad its given you a boost & made you feel good , you deserve it :-)

Have a lovely day :-)





thankyou, im feeling good:-) glad to make you smile lol :D making my family happy too seeing me improve it makes me happier

Hope your doing ok, last time I heard from you you had a horrible cold, hope your on the mend :-) xx


A big Well done............... Love and hugs Ker xx


Thanks:D xx


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