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Blood Pressure

I have not posted for ages , although I have been reading the odd message hear and there. yesterday I went to a free health screening test at work. I probably should not have bothered because my anxiety cranked up, giving me a high blood pressure reading. Now I am more anxious than I have been for a while, worrying about the high blood pressure.

Any helpful suggestions to help me out on this one?

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I did the same at a NHS free screening. MY BP was through the roof mainly due to the fact I suffer from health anxiety.

After four or five attempts it constantly dropped each reading to arrive at normal.

They should take at least three readings and go with the lowest, but if you're anxious it will be high.


Nice to see you Bramwell

I am shocked you were brave enough to go for a free screening , I would have run the other way free or no free , you should no there will be something wrong if we go , its called our brains :D

Hope you are keeping well :)



Hi GrayEm

You made me smile when you said you went for a free health screening & you shouldnt have bothered , that would have been me , I would have come away feeling worse

Do you suffer with your blood pressure ?

I have suffered for years with mine , now when I first did GP , just used to check it every so many months , after a year it wasnt going down , so I started taking meds & its fine now

They did say , that usually you would have to be walking round with high blood pressure for ages before it would be a concern

Do you no what your reading was ?

Now I have to get mine checked , maybe 4 times a year & every time I do because I am anxious , she has to take it once , & its always sky high , then she lets me calm down & takes it again & its fine

Maybe that was the case with you , that if they had took it later , it would have been normal , everyones blood pressure is high if they are anxious or stressed

If you are worried see your GP to give you peace of mind , let them take it

Let us no how you go on





I do suffer from White Coat syndrome, so my bp reading is always high when I get it tested. It was around 150 over 95. I have bought a monitor to test it in a more relaxed mode, and yesterday it was down to 125 / 94. I think I am begining to calm down again, which is good news. I have been doing really well recently, so hopefully this worry about my bp is just a blip!! Thanks for your reply / interest. Take Care. Graeme


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