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Ive been ok for a shjort while now and even now with tablets i'm not too bad. But woke up this morning in a negative state, im finding work stressful and my boss is a nightmare, i've been trying to not let him worry me, and living an ethos of if he isn't stressed why should I be but the team have started up moaning about him again, I do too but the way he speaks to them and treats them is just down right rude, ive approached him about it before but nothings changes, come to the concolusion that if I cant change him I should just give up.

woke up this morning with a negative attitude of my work sucks and I cant break out of it despite not really having a panic attack about it.

my life sucks right now

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Pleased to see things have been going OK , sorry you have woke up feeling life sucks today

Seems its this boss thing though that is making you feel this way , which sounds strange , but that might not be a bad thing as at least you no there is a reason & I no people without anxiety , can get up feel life sucks but they no why , which can help to deal with how you feel

I am not sure what you can do about him though , other than try speaking to him again , is there anyone higher than him you can speak to ?

Sometimes in life I have had to accept I cant change others , no matter what I do , but i can change the way I let them affect me , by changing my approach & thoughts towards them , its not easy , takes some working out , but I no I have managed to do it several times , I am not sure if it would work with this person you have to deal with , but maybe it might be worth ago

I no , none of this will may have been of any use , but I have read your post & we do care & hopefully as I have not been through this experience someone that has will have a lot better advice for you later :)





I totally agree with why why, a bout you letting them make you feel that way, ive learnt the hard way and like you I took om board other colleges negatives, resulting in me quitting , my job. Since then ive had s lot of time to think and I totally regret it, as my colleagues are still there and I'm not. Its a good thing to take a step back and t4y not to take on board the others negativity. Sounds to me that your colleagues are using you to do thier dirty work for them

You need to try and look outside the box. I.e, is your job that you do ok, cos your boss is only 1 tiny piece in the cog. Haven you got nice work mates, try and

Look for the small things, I wish I had

I know its not a excuse for your boss to ne like that with you, but th3y could even br struggling themselves.

Like i said try and ignore your work , mates negative comments and replace yours with a positive one anf you will probably be surprised at how things could change

If i had done the same I would have stayed in my new job that was on my doorstep, but indstead i blew it, and my old collegues say that its ok there now.

It was nw totally new store , everyone, was new, and llke you everyone was moaning , , but like my advice to you I forgot to look outside thr box. I .e nice work mate's, the job wasn't hard, good travelling time, I forget to see that my boss was tiny cog. Any way its too late for me, but I hope you can understand what I mean cos I've had the hindsight now frustratingly.

Take care celest xc


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