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Wish I could stop shaking!

I have essential tremor, so have a mild hand and head tremor, which doesn't really bother me, but at times I have this dreadful shaky feeling inside. Last night I mislaid something very important - about to have another look, but getting down on the floor makes my back pain intolerable. The depression is pretty bad, too. I have a pain clinic appointment for 22nd November.

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Hi missrat

Sorry to hear you are not feeling to good today

I dont suffer with these tremors , even though I have been told when I am really anxious my hands shake , i can imagine this is very unpleasant

There is nothing worse than dealing with pain though & I hope the pain clinic will be able to help you with it , you will have to let us no how you go on :)





Hi, I hope you find your important thing that you've put somewhere safe. I also hope your pain clinic helps you, it must be quite draining for you.

Take care and good luck with your hunting xxx


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