Anyone used living life to the full or mood gym?

Hi All,

I have heard a few of you mention mood gym but I have also heard of living life to the full

My local area also has an online course called beating the blues -

I just wondered if anyone had any experience of any of these. Since discovering these forums, I have managed to cope a lot better. My only rubbish days were Friday and Saturday and as I'd had a good week it made me feel even worse that there were bad days. Wanting to try and find something in addition to these forums to help me.

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  • im using living life to the full, I find it very useful and did make me feel better

  • Hi i did try moodgym, but i had to quit as it was the same homework my therapist was giving me each week, wish id carried on now as she didn't finish it. I think looking back I did feel more confident and able to cope with every day stuff after trying them x

  • Hia,

    I have not used these, I didn't know about them until I saw your post, I shall have a look in a while.

    Thank you so much for sharing this xxx

  • Hi This is my 1st time on here. My local MIND office put me on living lif cbt course.did not do much for me. They asked me to try a Mindfulness Course lasting 8 weeks.One session per week.It's rounded the corners off my depression.It's not a magic bullet, BUT IT HELPED

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