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A book?... but which one?

I have never read much about anxiety apart from on the internet and on sites like this so I was wanting a well written book, but how on earth to choose which one i'm sure there are tons and i'm unsure where to start with choosing one... any suggestions. In brief i'm 29 have had on an off anxiety for 10 years and haven't been able to quite make it stay away or regulate it, but when i'm 'good' i feel i can do anything in life but when an episode hits its takes me some time to fight it off again and i'm in the frame of mind of 'i will be like this forever i will never be able to do the things i enjoy ever again' anyhow and recommendations would be appreciated, i'm maybe thinking british author/published, i don't know why exactly. hope your sundays have all been good with the mild weather n all... :-) x

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hi Silver snow,

I just bought a book recomened by my counsellor, it's called " The happiness Trap" by Russ Harris.

I got it on Amazon for £ 7;19 I have just started it today, it seems okay and well worth a go.


Oh i haven't heard of this book gardener, just ordered it from ebay x i will try anything and i quite like to read. I may be a anxiety expert soon with all i read lol x We will see if these books can do what they say they do :)


Hi, I read Dr claire weekes, self help for your nerves, which was good, in the fact that it explained all about anxiety and how it affects your body resulting in various symptoms some of which i was surprised at. It is very detailed in most aspects of anxiety telling you how you would feel when certain points of anxiety comes across and so on, Myself being a anxiety sufferer for years, i would recommend if you need the basics. I then read a book called At last a life, this is different as in its the story of a man who has suffered from anxiety and freed himself form it ruling his life on a daily basis. He makes some sense about anxiety and how it makes you feel but the basics are the same no matter which you read. You could try moodjuice anxiety website, its a self help guide for anxiety x whatever you choose happy reading xx Donver


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