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Hello Friday,,:-)

Just a quick hello,, been awhile since ive been on here, just flaked out recently.

Ive had my partners birthday,, that was very eventful, house full of people, I certainly felt shattered after, struggled to eat with people in and out all day,, but kept it together and made it through the day,, until someone else came late at night and I was just too overwhelmed, tired and had a panic..:-( on top of that im full of cold and feel totally drained and rubbish, waking in the night coughing... AWFUL and to top it off not even going out...

Gosh I feel better for getting that out! lol sorry everyone

Well now for more positive words..

its Friday,, a weekend to chill out with my boy and recover some energy.. I made it through the birthday around loads of family that I don't know too well and get extremely nervous around, I did it and that's all that matters

Ive stuck to doing my visual and meditating.

Controlling my thoughts more

ate a good breakfast this morning,, struggled with lunch but im trying to not get angry at myself and enjoy what I do eat

Im hoping next week I can get back on track as ive been bad for a very long time now... a day of calm and relax would be very much appreciated,,:-)

Hope everyone are doing well.. lets keep positive and we can tackle ANYTHING !! :-D

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Hey Hun, well done!! You sound very positive:) it's good to hear things are going well for you... Apart from your cold! Keep up the good work:)) Hugs xx


Hi, well done for the party. I haven't had a party for ages. You sound like you are doing really well.

Take it easy this weekend to try and get on top of that cold.

Lovely to see you again

Take care xxx


hi Michele/Kathryn, think you have been really positive, its not easy having lots of people round all day especially when your anxious / panicky, proud of you. hope you recover from your cold soon. take care.xx


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