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Work should be interesting with about 1 hours sleep... eek

I think i always come back here when things get set off again... So i had been doing ok and then i go and get a cold, which is fine and on its way out but it just sets off my anxiety like crazy as its a week until i go on holiday and that is worrying me too (i guess its good i got the cold out the way this week) So i was anxious just before bedtime last night and annoyingly this didn't go away when i drifted off to sleep it has just stayed and i have been up all night after very very little sleep feeling really shaky and iffy about the day. never the less i am going to go to work as if i don't i will sit at home and worry what people are thinking of me and that i have let them down so its better that i try... wish me luck.....

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Good luck!! Xx


thats hard when you havnt slept it brings on panic with me


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