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small but at the same time massive changes and i'm feeling so much more positive and relaxed

Hi Guys,

I have only posted on here a few times I would say about 4 months ago when my anxiety was really bad (again) I actually think I may have the opposite to SAD as i'm bad in the summer but calmer when the dark nights roll in! weird i know! I was at the time in a crazy state of paranoia, anxiety, panic and depression. I broke down at the doctors and at work and felt like I was going insane. I have had anxiety etc since I was 14 and you always think you should be used to it by now.....if only you could eh!

anyway just wanted to let you know what has been happening and how I have managed to turn my anxiety around a bit!

I saw the doctor who gave me 100mg Sertraline and propanalol, she also gave me a drowsy anti histamine to help me drift off to sleep as I was taking Tamazapan but was only allowed it for a week and I tend to wind myself up on a night and can't shut off! I am currently on the waiting list for intensive CBT. My work have been awesome and have really been there for me.

I was drinking quite a lot (at least a bottle of wine per night which at the time I thought was nothing and just my way to unwind) I have now dramatically reduced the amount I drink, I no longer drink at home and to be honest the thought of it makes me feel sick, I have had a few drinks if we have been out but stayed clear of wine (wine is the devil) I really think this has made a huge difference to my anxiety levels, I am feeling much calmer day to day and am sleeping much better than I was (was getting up 4-5 times a night if I got any sleep at all) now I get up once or twice (drinking loads of tea so i'm peeing more lol). My OH was also diagnosed with high cholesterol recently so we have both changed our diet to low fat (salads, stirfry, using turkey mince, olive oil etc) and I think that is also having a positive effect. (I do have a nightly slice of cheesecake though as I need a treat for myself, oh how I love the cheesecake). I have started reading again more which I love and my house has never been so clean and in order! for the first time ever I am on top of the washing and cleaning and I feel so much better for it.

I am going to the smoking cessation nurse next week and I intend to do Stoptober and then hopefully stop all together.

I feel I have taken some massive positive steps in the last few months and am feeling quite proud, I even have not bitten my nails and have actual nails long enough to paint for like the first time EVER!

The only thing I cant seem to stop doing is skin picking, to the extent I have scabs all over my scalp and face and I just pick, pick, pick all of the time! anyone have any tips to stop this? I NEED to colour my hair as the grey is ridiculous and seen as I am not even 30 yet I don't feel I should go grey gracefully just yet but I can't colour it until the scabs have all gone as it would hurt like a bitch, also my concentration is still not great and I get distracted so easy ( writing this at work, naughty I know).

Any who, I hope this could help some of you in ways to reduce your anxiety

Much Love

Issa xxx

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Hello why pick scalp??.

Is this the cause of your complaint, do you have a skin complaint.


no I have no skin complaint, I was told it is a form of OCD and/or self harm??


Hi, from your post you are sounding very positive, the picking might be the last think to go. I've heard that using olive oil helps to relieve dry skin on your head or cider vinegar that washes away the calcium build up from the shampoo ( just be aware your hair sticks of vinegar)! That's if you have dark hair if you have blonde hair use lemon, dilute both of them equally with water.

Take care xxx


Thanks Winter, it is just habit I think more that anything else xxx


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