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Sorry if I bore you.. Not he most inviting title right

Well if you got this far maybe I was wrong, Im Leon im a it nervous now so forgive me for bad spelling and grammar. Ive recently falling back into a world of worry, I haven’t been doing so well. I honestly am strong but only so strong. I wish I understood an illness and truth is depression is an illness right? This is a self diagnosis coming now but do believe I have post-traumatic stress disorder. I guess my past might be showing my future self how vulnerable i really am. Trembling inside... I feel my body twist and shake inside, my mind is full with thoughts trying to find answers to questions I can’t really have at 4am. No nightmares at least, I'm just feel so vulnerable and weak and yet so strong. I want to sleep so I don’t have to think. I don’t really want to eat, I am trying (take note on that). Even my stomach (tummy much better word) is feeling the effects of anxiety, feeling the warm presue of heat and fear sweep though me.. that is anxiety right? I used to self harm but dont now.. well try not to.. haven't in the in my bad terms. I feel scared and maybe its the big bad wolf in me who wants to just be a mainly man.. but I'm finding it hard. I don know if anyone feels as I do ... but its been a real rough ride and sadly the problems are not mine to fix (don mean i wont try .I dont know what to do... I cant work out if its a panic attack as i dont really know I just described one. hot/scared/trembling inside and out/ not switching off/negative thoughts all out of nowhere

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Welcome Leon

You have certainly not bored me & I no when others read your post you wont have bored them either

This site is here to express how you feel & it works as people understand what its like to suffer with anxiety

We dont judge we support each other which really helps , knowing you are not alone

Please dont worry about your grammer , I am glad this isnt an English test , because with my spellings at times , I would be getting ungraded , it really doesnt matter , what matters is we all care about each other & try & support the best we can

You sound like you have anxiety & put it across in your post very well & yes that sounded like what a panic attack can feel like

So many of us feel a relief when we sleep as we can escape for a while from these feelings , but then we have to start & deal with them the next day , so I relate to that

We can & do get better though , but its small steps , & we can be impatient , but with anxiety we have to learn this cant always be rushed , but we will get there

Well done doing your post , that is not someone that is weak , it is very brave , i remember doing my first one & was shaking , wondering who would reply , what would they say , would they be nice , what would they think of me , & was so relived that they just welcomed me & I felt a part of this community straight away , I hope you get that same feeling to

I dont no if you have been to see your GP & explained how you feel

If you have , then I would still go back again & if you havnt , I would make an appointment & get support from them as there is counselling or meds depending what kind of help you want & its a good place to start

I no it can be daunting as you worry what they may think , but they have heard it all before as so many suffer , & if you have a good GP they should give you support

I always write down what I want to say , incase I forget when i go or if i am struggling I just pass it over & let them read it , which a lot of us find a useful tip to do

I hope you will feel you can be yourself on here & you dont have to be strong , & everyone will accept you just the way you are :)

Look forward to talking to you more :)





Hi Leon and welcome,

Whywhy always gives good advice and was more or less what iwas going to say:}

I will add however some good sites for you to look at : Mindfulness,,head space .

If you go on to amazon,you will find some very good books on the subject. Knowledge is key to understanding how this horrid illness works.

Keep writing on here it doesnt matter if you want to rant or moan,just write and empty your head, it does help.

hope that helps , hugs xx


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