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Anyone else with Asperger's sndrome or autistic spectrum disorder?

I am 67, so this wasn't even recognised when I was atschool, although my parents were called in and told that I "Didn't socialise." I was hopeless at games (dyspraxia).;

I loved running the A-level botany shelf and identifying plants, and have had other rather obsessional interests - identifying breeds of dog, identifying hymn tune names and my interest in rats. I have never had a date and had difficulties in relationships in both my nursing and my computer career. I find change very hard to cope with.

I have long suspected mild, high-functioning Asperger's and have recently come under the care of a psychiatrist, who feels this is quite likely.

Are there any others out there?


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I haven't got autistic traits but my grandson has. It is recognised a lot more now. He like yourself finds it difficult to socialise and has OCD issues. Most people with aspergers or autism tend to be very clever in a lot of subjects at school, but struggle with basic life issues. A good film is rain man which portrays it quite well. It appears your autism is quite mild and not held you back. We all have issues in life and have to deal with them. It appears you have coped really well. Take care


Im currently waiting for an assessment to see if i have aspergers and dyspraxia. Im completely sure i do but feel like a fraud telling people so without an official diagnosis. I often get ccalled out for being rude or saying innapropriate things and i dont understand heirachies such as in the work place and that i shouldnt tell everyone everything so i get pretty stressed out on a day to day basis. I also have depression and anxiety which im starting to thhink are effecctively caused by my aspergers as i find every day stuff really stressful. If i had my owwn way i would spend my life with my head stuck in a book and not having to talk to people. I have a first class degree and and a high iq but have come to the realsation that im not capable of working full time as the pressure of it makes me have melt downs so im going to quit my job after christmas and do part time work and some volunteering. Im really worried im going to waste my life held back by my mental health but trying to look to the future and make positive changes!

I see you like rats :) my thing is fish! Currently have an empty aquarium at the end of my bed waiting for new additions as i get nightmares about fish being hurt if i spend to long without being around them alot.

As a child i collected soaps and lined them up in size order in a draw. Looking back on it that probably was a bit weird haha


My grandson at 3 years had about 20 little cars. He used to line them up in the same order every day. If there was one missing he knew which one it was. He doesn't socialise very well and dislikes change


My daughter has been assessed. I was convinced she has Aspergers but they say no, she has autistic traits but not autism as she is social. From what I've read on the subject it seems that males & females can present quite differently but the diagnostic criteria lean toward the male presentation.

Dd had/has many problems with hypersensitivity to touch, the feel of clothes (a nightmare), noise, pain, bright lights etc. Also loved to line things up when younger eg felt tips must be in rainbow order, routines must be strictly adhered to, heaven forbid I don't echo exactly what she says when saying goodnight, no matter how long it takes.

She now has HA, emetophobia, OCD, GAD & a couple of others.

Don't know if we'll ever get to the bottom of it.

I do hope the psychiatrist can help you come to terms with & overcome whatever problems you have. Let us know how you get on :)



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