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New doctor

Finally got a flat!! Council in a rough area in a mess no carpet of furniture etc but it gives me an excuse to change docs. Don't want to knock old docs as they have been really good over 30 years but I feel a fresh doctor might see the new fragile me instead of the old capable me and maybe will take all this more seriously.........anyone else think a fresh start with a new doc is a good idea? Can't seem to motivate myself to actually do it even though I want to.

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Well I am pleased you have a new flat :)

You make your home what you want it to be & I am sure once you put your own touch to it , it will be a nice little cosy place :)

I no the area doesnt seem the best , but you can shut your door & shut that out

Yes I think it is good for some to see a new GP , like you say a new start someone looking at you as now , I sometimes think I could do with seeing a new one at times , but it would take something like you , moving to a different area to get me to , as I get so stuck in my ways & dont like change

I hope you will make that appointment , that way you will soon no & you have nothing to loose & hopefully everything to gain :)

Good luck :)





Thanks why why, well I made it to the new surgery! Problem was there were 3 different practices and it was too crowded for me, spoke to one receptionist and made a quick exit! Forced myself to walk up ond down the main rd to see where shops etc are and that was managable so it's progress I suppose! .


Well done , you went out & had a look & its always daunting when you are in a new area

Maybe you could Google the practices to see what ratings they have if you no the names of them , that could give you a good idea which one you might want to join , they are usually reviews etc, will give you a bit of a head start before you go & look again , which I no you will :)

It is progress & you should feel proud of yourself , it takes some doing when you have anxiety :-)



Well done on getting the new flat. At least you got your foot in the door so to speak. Maybe you can apply for a better area in time. I hope your new GP will be a positive for you too. Let us know how you get on. I'm thinking of changing GP's but haven't done so yet. I have another appoitment next week and will just see how that goes. Good luck in your new place Debbie..


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