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I cant seem to get out of feeling this way. Anxiety seems to be on an all time high at the moment and I cant be bothered to do anything. I'm struggling to eat, causing me to loose weight which is causing me to be even more depressed, and as for going out, im feeling extremely uncomfortable even walking around my block. I'm stuck in a rut and don't know how to get out.

My lad started full time school last week and I cant even make it there to see him off, its so depressing, even in my home anxiety is always there, finding it very difficult to relax and feel like me :-(

I know I can get out of this, as I have done before, but its not having any of it at the moment, so many things I want to achieve again but it all seems so impossible....

12 Replies
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There area lot of positives in what you have written..... 3 big ones ! try not to beat yourself up over this, just writing here is a huge step in the right direction. You can beat this, write a small list... and take small steps at your own pace, just take one small step soon and each further one will be easier .Try to think of your little lad and focus on him and you ......he will probably be your best help. Concentrate / dream a little on the things you want to achieve

but don't make this list too big yet ! stick to what you think is realistic and achievable ...some quick wins. Being creative is always a good help. Like you said you can do it and have done before ! Its not impossible you just need a little help to get you started . Here to listen Kippi


Sorry to see you struggling still , & things dont seem to have got much better

I no you miss your Mum a lot & this may have had a big impact on your anxiety & I would suspect it has , as you said before she was a huge help as all Mums are & that can never be replaced

Also I no you have tried counselling & are against meds

I have a med fear & would rather try & deal without them , so I relate to that

Counselling doesnt always work first time round , or sometimes it does , but people feel later on they benefit from some more

I would go & see your GP & tell them how you feel & maybe ask about receiving some more counselling , I do think it would really help & you wouldnt have anything to loose

Have you tried taking anything Herbal to help , like Rescue Remedy , some swear by it , personally I have not tried it , but again , worth a go

Try & I no it isnt easy , but set really small goals , I no what it is like having a fear of leaving the house , but believe me I no the longer we leave it , it really gets where we do need therapy to get us back out again

If you could just walk to the bottom of the street everyday , just to try & help your confidence & as you are ready , just go a little further , but take it slow

I would really go & see your GP , if you have been lately , please dont let it put you of going again , this can & will get better , but I tried on my own for so long & I wished un like now , people had understood more & I had asked for help sooner




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hey, sorry you're feeling this low probably the worst thing you could do is shut your self indoors i know it might be a big step but a one in the right direction would be going out, even if it's a visit to your local shop or a walk round the block. just little steps for now and build them bigger. also achievement is not impossible if you want it go for it there will be a way, make a plan write down where youu want to be or what it is your dream of doing write down how you are going to get there realistically and start with the first thing on the list. YOU CAN DO IT! :) xoxo

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Hiya :-) I knew wot u mean when I first started getting this anxiety I thought god am I always going to be this way !!! I had it bad not eating not sleeping not going out ! Was horrible was like that for about 3 & half months !!! But then I started getting better and started eating and sleeping which in turn made me have a bit more energy so I started going out just to get sum food shopping and to pick my mum up as she would come to my house and help me clean round do washing cook sum meals up that I could frezz that sort of thing :-) bless her and from there on I just seem to get so much better each day thank god ...I mean its still there just I think I control it better be im use to !!! God knows lol try doing a little thing every day it will help :-) x

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<<<Sympathetic hug>>>

Keep posting, people on here will give support, it helps to know that this community understands some of what you're feeling at the moment. Not everyone suffers the same symptoms of anxiety but we all know how difficult it can be and also how very weird it is if you've never had it before.

One thing I did that seemed to help a bit was to write a daily diary of how my day went - Not huge detail, just enough that I could look back and see how things changed, and eventually improved little by little. This is an example of a day a couple of months ago...

"Shakey thru a.m. To Co-op. Soup for lunch. Did 30min walk. Relax tape 2.30. Still a bit zingy at teatime. Easier after tea, OK evening. Slept 1115 - 2 - 4.45."

There were times when I thought, "This just isn't me. When will it all go away?" (insert silent scream here) but eventually the turning point came with the help of a different doctor.

Wishing you improvement soon...

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Hi Michelle,

It's awful when you feel like this; when even getting out of bed is an insurmountable task. And we are so hard on ourselves. I know I am constantly blaming myself for the life I'm not living and that just makes it harder.

As everyone else has suggested try to set yourself tiny little goals. Anything you manage to do when you're as low as this is a small victory.

I know it doesn't seem like it now but it will get better.

Please keep posting and allow the people on here to support you ~ they're very good at it :)


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fadedlizard in reply to fadedlizard

PS ~ I love the dog pic.x

wow, im overwhelmed at the amount of support, thankyou all so much, just reading through all your advice and support Is very comforting. some days you cant help but feel very alone and I trap myself inside, the more I beat myself up the worse I feel = beating myself even more.

I do relaxation tapes which did help but at the moment not committing to them, think ive just given up. I rang a place called minds to help but they don't do call out's so I was hoping I could get strong enough to go before the new year, and going there weekly would be great at keeping me out.

Rang about doing a course too or to just discuss doing it and feel a bit out my depth now, I guess its a new week so hopefully better:-)

Ended up having a big row with my dad this lunch time because im struggling to eat and he got cross and walked out, I know its through worry and concern but I feel like eyes are on me to make sure im eating which makes me stop eating even more:\

I do a diary I find it helpful but recently its all a bit depressing lol

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kippi in reply to

Hi Just keep talking to people they are all here, sometimes it is very difficult to get out of these lows there is nothing wrong with giving in to it for a while .....the problem arises when it becomes the norm, its difficult.... so very hard but try to put a time limit on it. You would feel better if you do eat something ....its hopeless being told to eat ...just makes you feel more determined not too. Try to channel that determination into something when you are better, something for you! , your doing ok and if you really feel crap tell someone exactly how crap ! Kippi

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Hi Michelle.

I can understand your frustration with anxiety getting in the way of being a mother - currently I can do morning drop offs (if I don't eat) and some pick ups if not alone - but the moment there is pressure, that I'm the only one that can drop/collect, I can't do it...I also have lost weight, but it less anxiety and more stress/chronic constipation that is making me feel physically rubbish...just can't stop feeling guilty about it all...though I am fighting it :)

I'm using a meditation cd, been doing some yoga leg kicking, posting here, occasional bit of diary work, magazine puzzles - hopefully with the kids out the way it might work better without interuptions

x sam

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hi michelle,so sorry your feeling so bad,I do know what its like,in fact your post could be mine,as I am exactly the same,I even read the replies you got,to see could I get an answer,constant anxiety is very draining,saps the life out of you,my OH has to do the shopping,make the dinner,etc; then I'm worrying ,if he wasan't here what would I do,this leaves me more anxious,its a vicious circle,sorry I can't help you,but mayby if you knew that there are people exactly like you out there,and come on here and post often,it might help,I would be lost without this site,the people on here are my lifeline,as nobody in my family understands,please keep posting...big big hugs to

in reply to miarose

thankyou for your support, its a great site and makes me feel comfort knowing somebody out there understands, I rely on my partner for everything id be lost without, but a day at a time I can hopefully move forward :-) always here for a chat xxxxx

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