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had to cancel cbt appointment...summer holidays really wiped me out

I did have an appointment for my first cbt session today, had to cancel...just beginning to feel really drained, this holiday has dragged on - not really been able to take the sprogs anywhere but the shops, OH has had extra work (joys of all shop management having holidays), supporting family have been either working hard or camping the whole holidays - so absolutely no respite - and I'm back on the all don't sound that bad but probably wouldn't be in this position here right now if we got a break every now and then - me and the OH last day off was last October :(

my lawd this all sounds so whiny - just wish the impact wasn't so serious for me

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Sorry to hear youve not had a good summer, sounds like you could all do with a proper holiday, hope the next appt is helpful x

Mimii :)


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