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Having a bad day

Last night I woke up with a racing heart and feeling hot. I got up and got a drink and put it down to 1 to many red wines. Got up this morning feeling tense across my chest and feeling my heart thumping. Tried really hard to keep calm and busy. Right now I feel I want to cry but can't feel very tense my body feels tired but my mind is focusing on the negative even though I'm telling myself calmly it's just anxiety.

I was fine yesterday although I think I might of been stressing over wether to have a drink or not. Wished I listened to my head now:(

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Bless you Yummimummy. I hate drinking as I don't like not being in control! Also as I get older it takes longer to recover!

I cannot say if it was the red wine or not that made you anxious,try to take it easy and drink lots of water xxx



Hope you are feeling better now :)

I dont drink at all , but thats another story , I do no that it can work as a depressant & people that are depressed or have anxiety do seem to feel worse after

Never mind though next time I am sure you will listen to your head & these feelings will ease , try not to fear & accept how you feel , I no its not easy but if you can they will subside quicker , a good nights sleep tonight & you will feel better in the morning :)





Thanks whywhy, I don't drink that often,it was my brothers birthday yesterday so I thought I'd have a couple (3)and I'd be ok...ill know next time.xx


I definitely feel worse after I have a drink. Everybody is different though. Hope you feel better soon x


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