Hello all :-) and where's our muffin gone?

Hi all hope ur all ok? Am going to read thou the posts in abit as I haven't really been reading many I like to know how it all getting on :-) other half came back at 11 and helped with dinner and he cleaned all kitchen up ( looked perfect tbh lol) I've ordered my dog clicker as its sumthing I used to do with Bella was really love training her. So once kids back at school next Monday I will start doing it again as she's love's it. Who knows Scooby may copy :-)

Where is our muffin? Hope ur ok anyway :-) it's either I've missed it post or u haven't posted xxx


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3 Replies

  • Hi Donna,

    Haven't seen Muffin in a while :(

    OH helped with dinner AND cleaned the kitchen :o You're on a roll there, whatever you're doing keep it up ;)

    I have never had a dog (cats only) but do admire those well trained ones you see. Sounds like a good project for you. Let us know how you get on, I'd love to hear about it :)


  • Hello donna

    I have had a strange day & been noticing even stranger things happening on the site as well today , but think I have worked it out , with the help from a friend , so thats good :D

    Just cooked dinner & ironed again really

    O I am pleased OH has been good & helping & so he should be

    Muffin she has posted a few times , but not as often as on the old site , lets hope its a sign of things are good

    Thats come round quick Summer Holidays nearly finished :o

    Have a lovely evening :)




  • I've just realised the children are back next week! Need to start getting back into routines!

    Hope you having a good day Donna. How nice having the kitchen cleaned for you


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