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My Daughter and Grandson came over yesterday but has now decided to stay the week. Yipeee love having them around. Although get told off a lot for spoiling him. But having 4 grandsons i intend to spoil them all thats our role sure lol.

Her husband works on the oil rigs and can be lonely and hard work for her being she recently had problem with the use of her hand etc.

I know this sounds selfish but lately i have disliked being alone in the house as i go into panic mode something may happen to me crazy as it seems.

Today had to pop out and sign some papers walking along the road i felt this surge of anxiety come over me. I wanted to run back to the car. But ........

I tried to control the physical side not allowing myself to fall to pieces. Came back and then went shopping with my OH daughter and grandson. I felt cool calm and collected as if i was not the same person from the mornings venture out.

Had a good day then tonight i started to feel dizzy for no reason keep thinking i am back work soon. How will i cope.

Just talking aloud ......

Hope everyone had a great day.


Love Seyi xxx

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O Seyi

Yes of course you are there to spoil them :-/

Keep reminding your daughter :D

It sounds that you enjoy them staying , so I hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday :)

Good for you , you do a lot better than me & you made it out & then again , I am clapping here :D

I dont think you realize just how much & just how well you do , but I see it & admire you

I no you will cope , I have seen you come such along way , i think we all doubt ourselves at times & its normal , but I no you will keep moving forward , maybe a little bleep now & again , but that doesnt mean you are going to go back , means this road to recovery has a few bumps in it , but you will get round them

Sorry if its not the best answer i am tired :o

But wanted to let you no I have read your thoughts :)





Hi Seyi,

How lovely having your daughter and grandson over. You go ahead and spoil them.

Well done for overcoming your moment.



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