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I doubt anyone will be up but I feel the need just to vent a little anyway just to get off my mind how I feel,

Went to sleep relly quickly last night think as I haven't slept so well the last few weeks but woke up just after 3 and haven't been able to get back to sleep.

The pain in the left side of my chest is so sore and it's scaring the bejesus out of me, everytime I close my eyes to go back to sleep I felt like my heart stops and it makes me jump awake. So I'm lying here in bed terrified to move :-(

I thought I was doing much better so have tried to avoid the site to see if it would make me even better but I realise now how much I rely on it and how helpful you guys have been...I think that's what made me start to feel better in the first place.

I guess I just feel really alone but awake, scared in the middle if the night with no one to talk to.

Writing this has comforted me just a little.


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Got up at 5am for work after 3 hours sleep. So tired. Sorry you are in the same position. Look after yourself


Yeah I'm up for work now with about the same amount of sleep. I'm like a complete zombie now :-(

You have a good day xx


O Ashley so sorry you had a bad night. Try not to dwell on one bad night though. Even though its for crap reasons it's good to see you back on here. Hopefully the support you get on this post will help you a little. At least it's the weekend and you've now got a few days off after today. Sending you loads of positive thoughts. Hugs x


Thanks Will. The weekend is all I'm looking forward too, one less stress is not having to go to work lol :-)



Morning Ashley

Was wondering where you had got to :o

Sorry though to see you have had a bad night :(

Well its good you have been feeling a little bit better , so lets look for the positives here , after all it is Positive Friday :-/

And another one I have found for you is that now you no , that when you are feeling better again (which you will ) that you might need to still keep popping on here , so you have two positives there see, as that s something you have learnt :)

Now this is a few hours after you were feeling so bad , so I am hoping you feel a lot better now

Yesterday I was in a stressful situation & was sat there & started with all pain in my shoulder that felt it was going down my arm , I felt a wave of panic go through me , thinking O heck this doesnt feel good , then I had to tell myself how very stressed I was feeling & it passed

When you are having these feelings in your chest , exactly the same is happening , you are stressed , yes even in your sleep & you can wake up anxious like you did

I no its even more frighting when you wake up with these feelings because you think I was asleep so how can I be anxious , but we can & do

You wont be having a heart attack & I will bet & this is the second time I have bet this to a member & believe me if I wasnt a 110% SURE there is no way I would be betting this , sooner bet my house . but I bet my Will-i-am tickets :o that this is anxiety & nothing else

Is it out tonight :) just the two if it is :D





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