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Thank you ❤❤❤❤

Thank you everyone for your response on the post I had made earlier. I'm going to try an figure this all out I'm so sorry that I caused any problems. You all are such sweet hearts and by the Grace of God I will get better I guess not knowing meds like I should I should have not listened to Doctors but live and learn once again bless you all!!!

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Hi so pleased to see you posting

You have done nothing wrong , we all listen to the doctors ..that is what they are suppose to be there for

You certainly have caused no one any problems what so ever , just pleased to hear you feeling better :)

Keep posting :)





Thank you so sweet xx


I have lost a lot of faith in my doctor of late and don't believe everything he says is gospel anymore. You will get better, I have, not 100% yet. But then as my brother said, 'Who is 100% anyway??' , so am probably as near as I shall ever be. But a few months ago I thought I would never get better. It does happen, just be kind to yourself , try to relax and heal you mind. Blessings to you. xx


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