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is this normal?

evening everyone. i am feeling ok. thats it really! not great, not panicky not even too anxious but i dont feel BETTER. am i being too impatient? still finding it hard to get any enjoyment from anything, its an effort to do anything and especially to go out. I always find travelling difficult but when i am confident can usually manage to go to different places. trouble is confidence is low, hard to get to my own town never mind any others and now its time for my son to go looking at universities. He has 6 trips lined up in the next month and i feel awful cos i am not going to be able to go with him at this rate. feel i am letting him down. feeling guilty

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Hi debs

Well I do feel we can be very impatient to be honest , we really dont give ourselves any credit for how far we have come & we wont everything to be just so , but it does take time

Someone posted the other day they were in a real better place , but it had took two years , now I am not saying it takes everyone that long , but if we try & rush this it can hinder our recovery , as this just causes more anxiety

You have done really well , you are feeling better in some ways the rest will come believe me

Try not to let yourself think to far a head , I no you would like to look at Uni with your son & maybe you might , if its just one , but take each day as it comes

There will be parents that cant go with their children because they have work maybe , now they will be disappointed they cant but wont feel guilty , & we shouldn't either because we are not well

When he comes back with all the information , you can still make a fuss & be part of the of helping him to decide





thanks whywhy good advice as always. I think i just want to feel ok again and hate this feeling of helplessness. you are right i have come a long way, being on here and doing the relaxation has helped and i have to just keep going dont i. You are right, worse things can happen than not go to the unis with him.

hope you are doing ok too?xxxxx


We all hate it debs , think thats way we get in such a rush

But take your time , its like that saying we want to run before we can walk

You should feel proud , try not to focus on what you are not up to doing yet ,but what you have done :)



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