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Here we go again

OH just came in from work said he's at his mom's Friday and Saturday. We'll he's going Scotland tomorrow won't be back till Wednesday. Then Thursday I haven't a clue where he's gotta go and wat time he be back. If it's early he will go out on his bike. So I'm really fed up now. I feel as thou he's here I'm lonely, if u get wat I mean. I don't think he was even going to come back Saturday untill I said well don't forget I go bingo Sat afternoon so uve got to have kids. He said well I will come back and once u get back I will go back. So cud be anytime sunday. I've told him straight I'm not putting meat in untill he gets back. He said wat if I ay back till five I said well that ur problem as I ain't doing everything and sitting in all day on my own. I know he doesn't want to leave her on her own yet but I don't like being on my own either but oviously my anxiety doesn't matter. I don't mind him doing it but it's like it's getting more and more. Hopefully my money is in the bank Friday and I'm going to go car boot with the boys and I ain't going to tell him as he will want to go. Where as he doesn't do nuthing with me xxx

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O heck donna :o

I really thought after yesterday , this might be better today

Does he have to work away , I believe he may , if he does I suppose he has to go where the work is & there isnt much that can be done with that one

His Mum , does he have other brothers & sisters , if he does , maybe they could take turns who stops with her & if that was the case I would be strongly saying that should be what happens as it isnt fair

How would you feel if she stopped at yours an odd weekend , or would she , that could be another way round it

Well at least you are not taking him to the car boot :o

I do understand that feeling of been with someone but still feeling lonely & think when it gets like that its time you sit & have a real heart to heart as this cant go on , its not fair & wont help your anxiety

I would wait till kids are in bed & there was just the two of you & get this sorted

O hun wish there was something I could do , but we are here for you





I've tried to have it out jst but I'm in the wron. It's ok as I will just het to the point where I cudnt care less and I'm nearly there now. Xxx


O donna love , I hope you can sort this , but we are here to support & listen to you



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