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Did not sleep well last and night + gum pain I will continue with the tabs as I need to clear this infection woke with Anxiety not much kip

Those stupid thoughts or just to many of them this morning have this gum infection and I've not been taken my tabs properly so will defo start today the Anxiety was with me when i woke at 6:30 not good now the gum is hurting again grrrrrrr everyone is asleep and I think it's going to a long day think I better rest and leave the gym out today I don't think it's a good idea tho exercise when I'm not well and on tabs for this gum infection I wonder if its the Anxioty that has caused my flair up fewww

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Hi Stuart,

I am sorry to read that you did not sleep well last night. .

warmest regards,



Are you grinding your teeth? My gums flare up because I grind at night. I take ibrofen to take the edge off


I'm not sure I don't think so how would I find out by the

Way the gum feels almost as bad as tooth ache


Hi Stu

See I remembered to call you Stu :)

Well this shows you need to take those antibiotics , & as they are prescribed or you are going to end up with more pain than you have now as it is obviously infected

I no how you feel about the meds , but when it gets like this , we have to take them , its the only way you will clear it up

I personally dont think its anxiety that will have caused this infection , but it can make our anxiety worse when we have one as we get worked up about it

I would rest when you can , take the meds , I dont no if you can take pain killers to help with the pain as well , it will take a few days for them to start working , but will be the best outcome in the long run

Hope you feel better soon hun





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