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Neighbours' son 2

Just to let you all know that I finally managed to catch up with the neighbours a few doors away and they are still in contact with my former next door neighbour.

Turns out that the son had been working with one of the father's friends down Devon way but had just disappeared without letting anyone know. Before that he had been staying with a relative of the second set of neighbours in a nearby village. Feel relieved as I found it difficult to believe that his parents would have thrown him out like that and it had to be a misunderstanding. second set of neighbours are going to contact first set and let them know he has been spotted - and also contact the cousin to see if he is back there so at least everyone knows he's still alive even if we don't know where he is now.

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Hi Gambit

Thats good news , it did all seem strange & there is an answer , lets hope now they get it sorted between them , at least you no you have done all you can

Hope you are keeping well





I'm good at the moment. Managed to get out for a buttefly walk before all the rain started ... and Weds is my day off so haven't had to worry about work - day to catch up on things with boyfriend, do the housework and catch up on some telly.

Sorry to hear about the outcome of the trip to the GP.

Iodine deficiencies can cause swellings in the neck and are very easy to treat.


Thanks for letting us know,it sounded very complicated(I,m still trying to work it out)but it will have put your mind at rest.



I'm so relieved he is ok mate, little shit lol, Kids don't think about the worry and stress they cause others. I know I didn't at his age lol. At least he is safe so your mind can rest now xxx Love Cookie xxx


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