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Struggling a little

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all ok

Well i had a course of stress control classes before christmas which has really helped and for once i am in control of my panics , being on the right medication has definitely helped. However this has caused me to have weird / bad dreams which scares me a little because they involve so many people i love and sometimes i wake up like it is real. Like last night i had a dream that i caused nearly £200 worth of damage at tesco for throwng stuff at my sister, my whole family and even my boyfriend turned away from me which really upset me when i woke up and i checked it wasnt real because it felt it. I have found a remedy to help me sleep better and stop having weird dreams Wittards Sleep time hot chocolate , it has camomile and honey but i have ran out, thankfully my boyfriend mike has ordered me some more so hopefully the bad dreams will stop again.

But i feel so guilty having a go at my family sometimes especially when i am in a bad mood. I fnd it hard sometimes to sound positive when i am in such a horrrible mood that i came off the phone to my boyfriend in tears when i was thinking of ways to cheer myself up. Im at uni at the moment in my final year and yes it is so hard but the main thing is that i feel so isolated and that is when i take it out on mike :( i feel awful when i do and i dont mean to do it. He is so brilliant and i love him but i am scared i am going to lose him if i keep doing this. So i am trying to keep positive and look forward to keep myself motivated in the present. Hopefully it will be better once i have finished uni and i am back home with mike and my family , just hoping i can keep it together for these last couple of months

CS 19 x

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Dear CS19,

Uni is very stressful especially when your in your last year. DON'T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF as when we feel bad we all take it out on the ones we love most . It is hard when you live away from them and this doesn't help with anxiety. Don't worry those that truly love us will stand by us. Tell your boyfriend that you love him and that you miss him but that sometimes you feel so isolated. He can't understand if he doesn't know how you feel.





I am pleased your medication is helping but sorry to hear about the dreams :-(

Maybe if it continues it might be worth having a word with your GP as even though I appreciate they are helping you in every other way bad dreams causes sleep disturbance & the lack of sleep can make our anxiety worse & make us moody as well & leaves us feeling less able to cope !

I know you have a supportive family & I am sure when you explain how you are feeling they understand & because they love you so much they wont hold it against you even though are anxiety can tell us that !

Last year at Uni every student must feel under so much pressure & again this heightens our anxiety but I have every faith you will achieve getting through this year & once you have your degree the pressure will be of & hopefully this will help :-)

Keep talking to your BF telling him how you feel as long as we let them know what is happening they can cope it is when they haven't got a clue they can struggle , but again I am sure he loves you & is going no where he has been there for you all this time because he will be focusing on all the things that are positive about you & that is what he is in love with :-)





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