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Can help be to much sometimes?

Hey Everyone,

Well last night i was talking to my boyfriend on skype like we normally do , i had a really busy day being in lectures from 10 till 4 so knackering ! I just wanted to relax and chill out so i wasnt saying much he just asking me if i was ok and if there was anything wrong. I kept telling him i was fine and that i was just tired, he kept telling me jokes and that sort of stuff but i really didnt want to hear it . Like i cant be happy all the time and the pressure of the day just realist on me and it just got to much. I snapped at him because sometimes i just need to be left alone to recover from it all but he got so worried about me he nearly drove here in the middle of the night to see if i was ok

i do feel awful but do you guys find it hard to tell people what you really want them to do ? like just to leave you be to come back round after a trying and tiring day ? or is it just me ?

CS19 xxx

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Of course it is not only you, we all have times when we just need to recharge our batteries and want to be alone. It is nice to have a boyfriend that cares about you, some of the people on here have no one except us. Have you tried explaining that you need time to recover from a hectic day at uni I'm sure he will understand.

Hang on in there Kenny



I can feel like you sometimes & even though I am really grateful that I have family & friends that care sometimes I just want to be left a lone & have my own space & try & work things out in my head ( if you know what I mean ) & to much fuss can make me feel overwhelmed sometimes & other times I do want to talk things through depends what is happening & how I am feeling at the time

I have & do explain when I feel like this & I think they understand me , I just say it as it is , its the only way I know how , trying to consider people's feelings of course when I do but we all need our own space & if you can try & explain when you do it doesn't mean there is something wrong & they need to worry , its that you need to be quite & try & wind down

Hope you are having a good day :-)






You are definitely not on your own. If I had had the busy day you have, I couldn't have skyped or talked to anyone. I like my own space, and after a day out with friends or family I need a day to myself to recover.

I think we all need our 'alone' time. I hope you can explain this to your boyfriend without him taking offence.

Take Care Eunice xx


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