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The wedding the after math

I do as I need to so went to the wedding as i have daid in other posts but have had Anxioty ever since is this normal in terms of when we face up to stuff we have to suffer after the event at the wedding I felt ok 99% of the time but even thou I've been going to the gym levels have been high I am worried about money at the moment as well but that should all be ok when we start back to work soon but sometime or in fact lots of times I do not no what the trigers are and to be honest it's getting me down I'm not depressed about it just fed up :-( if I could sus out what's causing it or should I just except it

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Hi Bigguy

Sorry you are feeling this way at the moment

Yes you did fantastic going to the wedding & you are right , I have noticed the same , sometimes I face the biggest challenge for me , get through it OK & then it hits me , leaving me feeling drained & anxious

For me It takes all my resources I have in side to do these things & then it can leave me feeling as you do

Everyone or should I say a lot of people are having to watch their money at the moment & that is a stress , & when you already have anxiety adds more pressure

If you owe or are struggling contact them , make affordable arrangements , they will normally accept your offer & if things really get to bad contact CAB , they are very good , but hopefully as you say things will turn round soon

You have been doing really well & have faced some big challenges just lately , I would if I was you remember that & feel proud :)

I hope you feel alot better as the day goes on





I think we all put lots of pressure on ourselves, to try and find out what triggers things off.

You did really well going to the wedding, I hope feel pleased with yourself.

As Whywhy says the CAB are really good about advising about money, if it is really that bad. Sharing the stresses seems to help me, trying to talk it through. It's not something I do all the time and I have noticed I am worse when I don't share it!

Take care xxx


The Money will come and I'm glad about the fact I did the weding but thin a earlier home time will be in order next time short and sweet I think xxx


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