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Trying to cope

I did a massive cage-clean yesterday. At the moment the living room looks like a tip, but I should get that sorted by tonight and, hopefully, the kitchen leaving upstairs for tomorrow. I have meetings both mornings - tomorrow is counselling.

The fly invasion - and the loss of one of my rats yesterday was a wake-up call and I plan to really keep my house straight once it is that way - especially downstairs.

Feeling quite anxious. I double my pregabalin tomorrow.

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Hi missrat

I am very intrigued when you speak about your passion for rats

I have to be honest , I have a massive anxiety attack if I see a mouse , so dont think I would be any use with rats , but I do like meeting & reading about other peoples hobbies & passions

I suffer with OCD , comes with my anxiety , along with other things , so the keeping on top of things , I go the total opposite & everything always has to be so , so , which isnt always a good thing it can take over your life

But you are right , once you have sorted this , if you just keep on top of it , then it will be less stress (i dont mean going over the top like me though :-/ )

Maybe having this to do & knowing you have meetings is making you feel more anxious today , I no when I feel I have more than usual on my list , it makes mine go up & I have to start dwindling it down so I can cope better

Hope when you double the meds , that might help to with how you feel

Good luck with your organizing & meetings hope they go well & let us no how you get on





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