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Spent the afternoon in town

been busy today. I dropped my youngest son at his mates then took my eldest to get his senior school uniform. I don't do town as its to busy and there's to many shifty people up there. About 20 mins on the bus theres a little village with a line of shops. Then up the road from there a little square shops. Like aldi home bargains Argos next b and ms and a few more plus cineworld a pub and fast food restaurants. I can deal with that and go there alot. But wen it comes to the half hours bus ride to the city centre I hate it and panic. We'll I never panicked once I enjoyed spending some time with my eldest that I never even took notice of anybody else. I even sat in a packed out McDonald's without a problem. Considering the wk I had last w I cudnt of even got on a bus as I wud of been full of fear. Hope uve all been ok today xxx

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Hi donna

First I am glad you feel better than last night & hope you got it sorted

You made me laugh about the shifty people , what do they do , what are they like , I am curious :D

Well done donna you have come along way & I am always plesed when I see you post so positive :)





Hi whywhy all sorted now lol the shifty people r the ones that I think am looking funny at people like there going to rob sumone :-) I can't do a laughing face :-( lol there's alot of them in wolves ;-) xxx


O right donna , now I no what to look out for , I shall look more closely , think we may have some of those as well :o

Mind you put me of visiting wolves now if ever I thought of it :-/

Bless you , it take make me smile , but I am pleased you had a good day



Great, great, great news. What a positive post. So pleased that you had a great afternoon. Sometimes towns can be overwhelming to anyone, so many people about. I much prefer the smaller places. Onwards and upwards for you. xxxx


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