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Need a rant

My bro in law I've been waiting for him to do my lino in the kitchen and carpet in the bathroom since january. It's been all paid for since then to. We'll I had enuf and txt him and I said uve got to next Monday if not I want money back. We'll OH went mad said I've gave him enuf chances which in all fairness yes I have. He's doing it Saturday. Well of cause OH gone mad at me for not having money back and giving him another chance. I explained that I've put my foot down this time and wud rather have floors down then have money back. So OH went upstairs sulking cuz I've done the oppersite then he wanted to but other way around if it was a member of his family he wud of done the same. He said I ay going holiday with them I said well that's ok u don't want to go cuz they r there and I don't want to go cuz ur brothers there so I will cancell it. I walked downstairs. Then I heard him throw his fone which he broke. Then I heard him call me a fat bitch and a slag. I hate being called a slag. I've been with him 9 yrs this Wednesday and not once looked at another man. I'm not the one that had abit on the side for a month. Well he came downstairs said yes I'm going and I won't be back I said don't talk to me after wat u called me. I ay bothered if u go either. We'll he went out and came back after a few moments and said I'm only going to fetch some fags. AND I said. I haven't spoke to him for last hour and I'm not about to. If I do I will tell him to go in temper. The cheeky twat even made him self a cup of tea and not me...I will wait till I make myself one just wen he wants one opool I'm fuming.

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O dear donna

I can see where you are coming from

I can imagine how hurtful been called names by your OH must feel , he shouldnt have called you what he did & I wont make excuses for it , but as we no things get said in temper & it seems from what you have said he was in a mood , even though I agree with you & would have done exactly the same as you did , as I would rather have my floor covering down

I think it might be best to let things cool down & hopefully tomorrow he will be calmer & say he is sorry , if he doesnt behave like this on a regular basis then maybe see it as a one of & that we all can make mistakes & say things in haste

I dont think you are either of those things he called you , well I no you are not

I hope you are all tucked up & tomorrow this will get resolved





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