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Depression and anxiety bad at present

I have long-term depression and anxiety. At the moment I'm very stressed because I have a major untidiness problem and have to be straight by Thursday as I have my boiler being replaced.

My back is being a nuisance at present as I've been cleaning cages - still some to do tomorrow, but it is relaxing to cuddle the rats - although the young ones are too wriggly to cuddle - just kissable!


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I hate people coming to and in my house as it means i have to clean it properly. I need a weeks notice at least and even then id rather my OH deal with it while i hide upstairs.

I like Rats xxx


I've had reasonable notice - I've put it off three times! I'm dreading it.

Fun this morning - the electricity circuit breaker tripped. I wish those who installed them would realise that the shed is not the easiest place to access, also that most people are not over 6ft tall.

I must clean a couple of cages, then go for my blood test. I feel really shaky. I'd like to escape back to bed, but that will just put me further behind. I have to take a rat to the vet tonight.



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