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did alright at my nan's 80th party

So we all went to my nan's party and had a jolly good time...well almost, I'm sure the only reason I had no anxiety was because me and the husband were too busy being a tag-team chasing the toddler around - he never stopped moving. Wished we had more time to mingle at the party, learned one thing - I'm certainly a lot happier away from my city and home

x sam

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Glad you did ok Sam. I work myself up sometimes and then after the event ask myself why I was so worried xx


Sam I was thinking about you & so pleased to see your post & that you had a great time

Maybe we should all have a toddler , sounds like a good distraction , love the way you described you & hubby as a tag team :D

Hope Nan had a lovely Birthday as well :)

Well done





Pleased to hear it went well



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