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Just lieing in bed and can't sleep as feeling anxious again. Just thinking of the symptons I have had with it and my fears/avoided places. Thought I wud wrote them down and share them all with u.

My symtoms - detached from my surroundings, tinglling in all of upper body, head aches, feeling sick, wee a lot wen I'm anxious, palpatations, tired, blurry vision, hot and cold, dizzy/fainty feeling, lump in throat, there r a few others and I've had them all at different times. This wk I've felt abit dizzy at times plus been weeing a lot and had the tingling feeling. Also at times I've felt detached from my surroundings. Its horrible but now I'm just seeing it as a little set back on my road to recovery. They say it a bumpy ride and it so is long and bumpy. I was doing all the rite things with it like just letting it be and tbh it hardly was coming much the last few months. All because I didn't build up fear, instead I was just letting it be.

As for my most avoided situation which is being on my own all night the thought scares me. I do a night at my moms wen the OH isn't here. Before all this anxiety I loved being on my own while the OH was working on the taxis ova the wkend sumtimes till six in the morning. I wud be on the xbox or watching a film while the boys was in bed. I got scared of having a panic attack while he wasn't here and that's how my fear as grown. Yes I've done it twice in the last few months but I was scared and both times went to sleep on the settee with the boys. I wud really like to know if any of u live alone how u cope with ur anxiety. Maybe then I may see being on my on one night in a different way xxx

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Sorry I don't live on my own but just to say Hi and hope you are feeling better now. When I did get panic attacks I used to try and deep breathe, (hard I know when you are panicking), But I also use to prop myself up in bed with pillows so I was sort of sitting and also make sure I could see light through the curtains. Still do this now if I am feeling anxious. I don't like lying flat down and I have to see a little bit of light from the moon. Hope you are ok now. xx


Dear Donna81,

I am sorry to read that you had a rough night last night.

I live on my own and when I have a panic attack I tend to go online to this community or or go to the bbc website or onto iplayer or watch tv. I also tend to drink tea. I then tend to wait for it to become light.

I also, more recently, try to remember that it appears to be a panic attack and that it will pass. The average panic attack will tend to last around 20 minutes.I tend to recognise the feeling. Therefore I try and face it and try to focus on my breathing. I am now also trying to work out what may have caused the panic attack.

I hope that you are feeling better now.

warmest regards,

Marcus xxx


Had a really big panic attack at work a few months ago. I went outside for a while, reminded myself to breathe, and then went back to do something that needed enough concentration to stop me thinking about being panicked but not an awful lot of thought.

On another occasion - in traffic - I noticed that a patch of green made me feel a bit calmer I focused on that and used the trees to get me to where I was going so may be trying to find something that makes you feel calmer might help.


Hi Donna

Sorry your having a rough time with the anxiety and the symptoms are awful i must agree. When i was at my lowest ebb i felt all what your experiencing now and struggled to cope. Being on my own was my worse nightmare i would have my phone in my pocket have the door on the latch in case something happened. I could not go outside the door feeling dizzy etc. My legs could not carry my weight at times although i am not huge lol. I would even phone family just to hear a voice. I never thought i would get out of this black hole and see any light. I went for Counselling that did not really help but i started to think i want a life back. Something the counsellor said to me was that anxiety and panic attacks usually start from anger. I started to work my way back to childhood although i had a happy one and discover if anger was an underlined factor.

I was off work for 5 months and have been taking some medication which has helped me to be honest. I also do some exercises breathing and meditation for awhile you will be surprised how much this can relax the body and take some tension away. When your alone at night have the radio on low to hear a voice at least. I was left on my own years ago when the children were young and found myself listening out for noises etc.

I hope all this nasty feelings subside and keep blogging letting us know what is worrying you. People here are so lovely and understanding to the fact you are never alone.

Take care big hugs

Love Seyi xxxx


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