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I'm New To All This...Help!

Hey, I'm new to all this, and just need some advice from people who may know how I'm feeling.

This has all hit me within the past few months like a ton of bricks (but tbh I think I've been hiding to from others and myself for about a year and a bit when I got diagnosed with epilepsy which meant my world changed over night).

I find myself putting on a front for others as I feel like they don't really wana know how I'm feeling or whats going on in my head! Does anyone feel like me that when I'm busy and therefore can't think about the things that are screwing me up, then I don't feel so miserable and negative about everything. Then when I take a break, it just hits me and all of a sudden my mood totally changes and feel miserable and totally negative about everything (I have an interview tomorrow and I have to create something for a challenge they've set and yesterday I was just in tears thinking that I can't do anything but didn't want to tell anyone, and when speaking to my brother and he was coming up with all these ideas and I had nothing which just made me feel even more sh*t because it was something that i'm meant to be good at)

Hope everyone else is doing ok today though :)



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Hi & Welcome

There seems quite a few been speaking the last few days , me included , opening up how we pretend that everything is alright when deep inside we are falling to bits & dont no how to deal with all this

I no people dont understand as this is something we feel & cannot be seen (like a broken arm ) but here we have all or are feeling the same way , so you dont have to pretend & by saying just how it is you will get people relating to you & even if we dont always have an answer , we will understand the feelings

Anxiety makes us feel very negative about most things as it takes over our thoughts & shakes our confidence , till nothing we say or do we feel is good enough , but thats our minds & anxiety , the rest dont see it , we feel it

Have you been to see your GP ? maybe they could offer some support or counselling ?

I think one of our ways of coping for some is to keep busy , which is good as a distraction , but along side it we have to work on dealing with the anxiety , because we cant keep distracting ourselves all day or we burn out & when we are tired the anxiety can get worse so its like going round in a circle with it all

By talking on here to people as well as not feeling alone with this anymore , you will get lots of different suggestions how others deal with this , which again is another big help





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