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Gym day two

Well almost did not make it today busy going to beach and Anxiety has tried to talk me into my chair this eve but I said nope gym is ware i need to be did 35 mins uphill walk on the the treadmill and a go on the cross trainer as well better than not going but I plan weights tomorrow

Feeling good tonight not bad as I'm going to a wedding this weekend at the moment feeling not to bad :-) did an hour the day before

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Well done for beating anxiety and going to the gym. I am still a member of my gym, this whole episode really started the last time I went to the gym I had a massive panic attack there, one that I just couldn't get under control, my 9 yr old son was with me and it scared him as he had never seen me like that. So to sum up what I am saying is I don't go to the gym anymore due to the fear of having a panic attack there and also due to embarrassment of showing my face! Xxx


Well done !!! what an achievement you could have given in and thought i will stay at home. But you took the positive route and went to the gym.

Keep going

Good Luck Hugs

Love Seyi x


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