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Out but feel anxious :-(

Last night I had headache and took a pain killer and it went. Then sister foned me said u wanna go take kids to cinema to c smurfs. Even thou I've been feeling abit anxious this wk the kids deserve to do sumthing and to be off xbox for the day. I I gladly agreed. The other half was up at 1.30 this morning as had to go to london and was back for 8. Yes I was panicking abit as I knew I was going to be on my own but was fine which was good. This morning my sister forget the mid wife was going to c her (yes gonna be an aunty again) then the kids decided to go dizzy kids instead (the ball park) so am there now been here a few hours. I am anxious not about being here as I have been like it most the wk already. I can't wait to get rid of this anxious feeling I've got I know it will go. I've just gotta bare with it and ignore it and it will go xxx hope ur all ok xxxx

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No how you feel , i have been out & was spaced out at the same time

I kept singing in my head & yes it was Will-i-am Bang Bang song , but it helped to distract me from how I was feeling a bit

Also no we care & are thinking about you , that might help to no even though we cant be with you , you are in our thoughts

You are doing well :)





Thanks whywhy I hate the spaced out feeling. Lol will I am I gotta say i like the song it's one my son keeps singing and playing. xxx


Well donna , I will say your son has very good taste in music :D

It worked for me :)

I no that spaced out feeling , but sometimes I wonder if its the bodies way of coping as when our brains do over time , it could be a way of allowing it to have a rest (if that makes any sense )

Anyway , hope you are home now & feeling more relaxed



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