Anxiety Support

Does it Always End Like This

Good Afternoon All,

I have been away for a few days, trying not to get anxious, but remain calm and positive. Yeah like that's going to work!

I went off to have a meeting with my employer on Thursday, believing all would be well, but after the next visit to my GP they may review my situation. Will I be ok to travel 100 miles a day, ah well a bit more stress to add to the list, and to add to the conundrum, emphasis was put on the fact that they will only pay SSP.

I am now kicking myself, thought I'd done the right thing only to discover I haven't and brought that wonderful cycle back into my life, and am now back exactly where I was 5 years ago, well almost certain things are better and others are worse.

I now have to make a decision and the anxiety is starting to build up again. The thought process will become more addled, more confusing, more frustrating.

Off to find some solace and begin to think my world through.



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