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Hi everybody, it's been a while since I have posted. Anybody have advice on positive ways to release supressed anger?

I went through a terrible time when having my first and only child. feeling robbed of what should have been a happy time and I only remember fear, uncertainty and constant worry. I didn't get angry then but feel so angry now because non of this was my fault! I need to get the anger out but don't know how??? help

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I write what I am feeling and hope that no one finds it or that I rip it out before I die. I wrote three pages this morning. Somehow I got on a list for Cognitive specialist I feel the sciences could have been alot more helful by publishing strategies that could be real helpful. Since I am both dyslexic and deal with attention deficit it is hard to tell which is coming into play. I sometimes listen to books and I though my retention was so so then I saw a blog on the same book one of us got it I think it was me I am surprised and pleased if it was it is hard to remember to count ones blessings. My daughter is 39 she is facing some punishment because she is impulsive and got caught shop lifting I hesitated to say anything the first time I was here since you shared your frustration I felt I could finally put it in black and white. When I am upset I don't stuff it because usually If I am very angry I have been provoked.

I hope you can get some sunshine I also make things my daughters name is Hope so I painted the letters of her name. I pleased my self she seemed unimpressed she will appreciate it some day nice communicating with you now I am ready for bed. I am so wordy sorry Mare Bear (name given to me just this weekend)


Hi, once when I was in a very bad place and felt almost paralysed by my suppressed emotions I was encouraged to punch and hit a punch bag.....I must admit it didn't,t come easy at first but I did eventually manage to let go and felt better for helped release some of those pent up feelings....if a gym isn,t available you could always go into a room by yourself and try it with & peace Eloisa.


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