Hello everyone

Hi all hope it all ok? I'm having 5 on my bed. I've cleaned all upstairs and believe me the bedroom doors am not opening untill my visitors have gone lol I was hovering downstairs and the Hoover as broke on me :-( I'm really sure the vax as normal Hoover part on it. My one kitten as came to chill with me on the bed it's like she's saying mommy please keep me save and away from that naughty little girl. Poor baby and as for Jack my other kitten she keeps putting him outside so I'm ready to scream. We'll I'm off downstairs to go bad


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  • Donna

    Thank goodness you got your bedrooms done & I hope you kept those door shut :o

    I lost the plot this morning with my house been up side down , but good news , kitchen finished & normal cleaning can resume tomorrow ;)

    Hope you are have some you time , you deserve it with the week you have had




  • Thanks whywhy and I'm do glad ur kitchen is done :-) we both deserve a medal this week as weve both done really well even thou it probley didn't seem it at the time....well it didn't for me. My anxiety was up as with my mate going in hospital and me rushing round making sure I took her wat she needed plus trying to protect my babies (my cats) from being chased around the house and the house being a tip even after I cleaned it was a mess again straight after. I was moaning none stop yesterday but I have carmed down tonight and feel more relaxed. Have a relaxing wkend and be proud of yourself as use done well this well whywhy xxx

  • I cant believe I am still up :o

    Think I am trying to wind down after the shock (you will no how it feels ) & its really hot here

    Yes I cant wait to get my routine back & are you like me ,& it leaves you so tired trying to deal with people messing it up & then the relief just leaves you shattered

    You did well , I couldnt have coped with what you have done , i cant let anyone in :o

    In fact my friend bless her I have a hospital appointment Tuesday , which I am trying to forget about & she is taking me as usual , only person that can deal with me , but bless her she said will I be allowed to come in & look at your kitchen ...how bad is that , having to see if I could cope with her just coming in a sec when she is helping me out :o

    O well she has known me years , & is used to me & I make up for it in other ways , well I must do something right cos when we first met , she wouldnt leave me alone , she was determined to be my friend :D

    Donna I am going on here :o

    Well both our anxiety should go down now , we can get our cleaning stuff out & be happy :)

    You didnt need you dryer today did you , its been a lovely drying day here ;)




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