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Hello all

Ok ive tried to comment back on posts and everytime my fine goes all mad and it disappears. I'm hopeing it lgets me post this. As my sister in law as lent my laptop.

Whywhy I saw ur reply to mine on ur post ad have tried posting back but my fone I'm going to throw it up the wall. My mate came out after tea. She's been told to take it easy so i've made her lie on the settee. She as done a cuppa for us all, but ive sorted her dauother out. Her blood pressure goes low wwhich eexplains the fainting she's got borderline hypertrophy which explains the chest pain. They have gave he a spray to spray under her tongue for wen her cheat goes tight. She's going hone Thursday eevening her brother's fetching her.

I haven't really thought of myself but I know that I shud. I always put everyone first wen I know I shudnt. I'm going to make a few hours for myself tomorrow aafternoon where I lie on my bed and lock myself away for me time. I don't wanna go backwards with my anxiety so Ive decided to make time for me tomorrow. Hope i. all well xxx

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Hi Donna

This wont be the best reply , anxiety has just gone into overdrive , went for a shower & son has only gone & cleaned his paint brushers in my bath :o he has had to run quick

Anyway I am pleased everything seems under control & your friend is ok

But yes Donna , please take that time for you , you are always doing for others , but if you dont slow down , it will be your anxiety that will suffer & you have come so far , I dont want to see that happen

So I want to read Donna's posts telling me all about what she has done for her :-/





Hi Donna,

In my experience you are doing exactly the right thing taking time out for yourself tomorrow. Problem is we cope when we have to but it takes it's toll. I find that after a stressful time if I can be 'kind to myself' for a day or even two then I'll be ok.

You did a brilliant job in a difficult situation, now you need to look after yourself, just as well as you looked after your friend. You deserve it just as much as she does.

Take care



Also having difficulty with site...




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