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Good Afternoon All,

Took up wall climbing again over the weekend. Partner away, didn't want to go out.

Can't even think how the cycle picked up speed again then, but went into overdrive yesterday. Car had gone in for a repair then a phone call to let me know the part required is obsolete. Oh deep, deep joy. Oh deep, deep breaths.

My bed seems to be the only thing that I want to visit hence very little activity on here, but such is life. Now just to add a new feeling to the mix chest pains, which I've never had before so really on top of the world.

Then I see we all feel the same, weather, sun, moon or just a build up over the weekend.

Still hopefully we'll all start to pick up soon.


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Sorry , another one :o

We are coming down like flies ,here , whats happening :o

Well lets all pull together & get back up , i no we can & will :-)

Sending hugs



Sorry to see your not on top of the world either.

Mine will hopefully go soon as I have a friend visiting tonight but motivation levels really down.

Yes we'll all get over it together.

Have a hug from me ((((((hugs)))))))


Hope you feel better after your visit from your friend , I no when I speak to mine we always end up having a good laugh even if I feel really down to start with :) hope it is the same for you :-/



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