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Can anybody help please (crying)

Can anybody help please with my mornings, I wake up ok, as soon as I get downstairs my head go bad then felt faint and palps, now shaking and dizzy, cant seem to snap out of it body weak, aswell now. I cant understand it I am ok when I wake and when I get dressed, but as soon as I get downstairs it all starts, I have tried changing my routine in the mornings, but it changes nothing . I wondered if it my thought pattern my AMT doing it.




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Morning Bonnie

Sorry hun you are not feeling so good

I think it can be are thought pattern , if something keeps happening at a certain time , we can start to expect it (even though we dont realize we are ) & then it starts to be a pattern & happens

I am not feeling to brill , so not going to say to much till I get my head together , & at the mo , someone has a drill outside , which I am getting ready to go & shove where the sun down shine , because its getting on my nerves :o

Hope you get some better answers , but I care & have read your post hun





Hi Bonnie

I'm so sorry to hear your having a rough time.I would not know where to begin to change your thought pattern,maybe you could try positive thoughts while you are getting dressed or think of something funny it might just distract you enough till you get started its not much but you never know it might work .

look after yourself Kenny-w xx


Hi Bonnie, I'm sorry to hear this. I understand because I'm so much worse in the mornings too. I'm not sure I can be much help either and I don't know your morning routine obviously, but sometimes I find that if I get up and I'm in a bad anxious way, then I make my coffee and take it back to bed. It's safe and warm there and I might still feel terrible but I'm in a space where I can cry and take as long as I need to try and calm myself down. I went through a stage a few weeks ago of forcing myself out of bed about half an hour earlier because I knew I needed that time when I had just woken up. Sometimes it doesn't but it does tend to help me. Maybe you could try something similar. Feel for you Bonnie, and sorry you're not too great today too Whywhy.. Throw something heavy at whoever is drilling! xx


Hi Bonnie, I'm worse in a morning to. It sounds like you are associating downstairs with something negative.

I was crying yesterday with the counsellor when I told him I'm fed up of having to fight my brain all the time I just want some peace and quiet.

Could you do some relaxation whilst you are downstairs or play some relaxing music to try calm down a little

Love and hugs xxxxxx


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