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Where to turn next??!?!

I haven't been on here in a good while but i can honestly say that not much has changed.

I am about to be made homeless through no fault of my own (literally tomorrow!!) and i have nowhere else to live,the council wont help me.point blank. I have no savings and few family members. I have been on a course of CBT which is coming to an end very soon,my therapist thinks im 'sorted' she just doesn't know how good i've become at lying.

It hasn't helped me at all,they just want to brush over the problem not tackle it.I am still taking my medication every day,as normal but i STILL have my attacks. Anxiety plagues my every waking second.I want to die because it would be more peaceful than living with this curse Nothing in my life has ever been easy or have i ever had good luck. Now that my therapy is coming to an end and hasn't helped me one bit....what do i do now?? where do i turn?

I have approached the mental health services and housing services where i am,but its like no one wants to help me, like im not a priority,that i dont matter. I feel like this all the time anyway, and my family make me feel i dont matter, I just dont know what to do. I feel i have run out of options. Can anyone help or offer advice?


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O sweetheart

You say when having counselling you became good at lying , I no you will have your reasons why you felt the need to lie , the only problem is though if we dont tell the truth , they can only work on what we tell them & thats why they will feel you are better

Your GP is the one that should refer you to MH , but again you need to tell them the truth & how bad things are , otherwise you wont get referred

Please go & see them & tell all , if you struggle , take what you have written here & pass it to them to read as you have explained yourself very well

I dont no why the housing dont see you as an urgent case needing housing as you are just about to become homeless , do they think you have family members you could stay with

This seems a real bad time you are going through , but dont give up hope , be honest & get the help you need

I hope someone will give you some better advise & maybe numbers & who you need to contact over the housing

Sending hugs



thank you for kind words :)


I wish I could have been more help , I do hope someone will be able to give you better advise when they see this but no people do care on here :)



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