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Wat a night

Was relaxing last nite wen my mate went to put her 5 yr old daughter to bed. The next thing her daughter came down and said my mommy fell on the floor. I know she passes out alot and is waiting on test results at her hospital. I said to the OH well go up as I can't as I wud panic. We'll she had blacked out and then tright chest pain. So rung an abulance. She was sitting on settee and it was like she was drifting in and out of conscisness. I went with her in the ambulance was full of anxiety but I know sheneeded someone with her. A heart condition runs thou her family and so the doctor said I can either admit u for the nite and sort out tests and scans for in the morning or u can go back home and anything u come straight back up. We'll this morning she had really tight chest pain soshe was back up again. She had to go on her own cuz of the kids. They've tested herror for the heart ccondition easyer to remember as sudden death syndrome. She's won't have results for two wks but it's something her hospital hasn't tested her for. I don't know y wen they know her nan and uncle have got it. So she's now awaiting to have an heart monitor fitted.

I'm glad shes at hospital as she's in the best care and another reason selfish but true, I wud worry to much about sumthing happening. I know I've come along way with anxiety and I know it wud set it off. I don't mind looking after her daughter but I can't be around her incase something happens even thout i've known her yrs and she's like my little sister. If she out tomorrow I don't know how anxious I will b. I'm worried about her as it is this is sumone I mt on a internet chat site about 8 yrs ago and we've been good friends ever since.

Everytime 've gone to write read or comment on her the last few days something as stopped me. Hope u. all ok xxx as u can tell by the title I starated writing this last nite lol

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Hi Donna

I thought you had been quite , but I knew you had your friend round

Dont feel bad how you feel , I would feel exactly the same , if it were friend or family as with something like this the best place to be is in hospital , she is getting the right care & in safe hands there & you cant give her that

Hey look at you dealing with such a trauma , I remember Christmas time , you would have ever been able to face this , but you have

Take it a day at a time & see what happens & try & get on here so we can support you

This one needs special curly hugs ;)



That's scarey Donna! Poor friend. I think you are a great friend. not least for looking after her daughter. As least she can relax knowing she is in good hands. I wish you were my friend! Lets hope she hasn't got heart trouble hey? Keep your pecker up.

Bev xx


Thanx I am coping better and didnt realise. I even walked an hours walk from my house to the hospital to take her wat she needed and so her daughter cud c her as I primised her all day I wud. My OH was still at work and he had my bank card cuz I left it in the van last night. X


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