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OCD and anxiety, does anyone else have it?

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I just got put on meds for my anxiety, depression and OCD and I was wondering does anyone on here has OCD? If so what are your unwanted thoughts, compulsions and how do you cope with this disorder and the unwanted thoughts? I have been trying to find a way to stop these thoughts and images but I guess the meds my psychiatrist gave may work :(

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Hello hun its me again lol

I no I wrote on your other question , but the answer seems to have gone

We have just moved from one site to another , so can only put it down to a few teething problems , which we have been having from time to time

Sorry as well about the mix up earlier , I am not a morning person & got you mixed up with some one else , please for give me

Anyway what got removed you were asking me about OCD & thoughts

I started with OCD years ago , it is a form of anxiety

I never got any help for it & just worked round it , until now it is a big part of me & wish like you are I had sought help sooner

My thoughts if I dont follow my ritual on what I have to do , will tell me something bad will happen to me or my loved ones , which as they are my world is my worst fear

The sensible side knows deep down its not true , but the anxiety side which mostly wins at the moment tells me other wise

My OCD affects me in a few ways

I do have a cleaning ritual that if I cant do , I get very anxious

I also am mad with washing , no one is allowed to wear anything more than once & if they are not spotless then I will put them back in the washer again , I even go to the extreme of cleaning not just the tops of shoes & trainers but also the soles of them

I have to put everything back on the hangers they came of & if I forget , even though OCD has given me a bery good memory , but sometimes when I do , I go in a panic & think something bad will happen

This has got to the stage where not only has it tied me to the house , but unless you belong to me , I struggle letting anyone in the house , as I feel they will leave germs & it makes me feel dirty & I like that nice clean feeling

I dont no if this has helped any , & I do no OCD can affect us all in different ways , but no you are not alone with this




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Thank you so much for applying. That's ok I forgive you lol I'm sorry you're going through this. I started having bad thoughts since march and I didn't know what it was until I went to my psychiatrist and she told me what it was. My thoughts now is sooooo bad that it's crippling me. I have very bad separation anxiety and health anxiety and I over think every single thing. I just want to feel like my old self again. It's so hard. My rituals is that I pray every single day all the time almost 24/7 and I can't step on cracks and if I do I have to walk backwards and do the step over again. It sucks it really does. I had unwanted thoughts since march.

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I also have health anxiety , I think they are all connected

You have brought back a memory there , when I was a child if I walked over a grate , I had to go back & walk round it lol I used to tell my friends I thought I had dropped something & pretend to look like I had

Things will get better , you will get your life back & we are all here to support each other , so talk when ever you need to


Hi AG,

Lovely to hear from you again and to see your picture :)

I don't have OCD in the way that WhyWhy has it but I do have trouble with obsessive thoughts.

If I get a health anxiety I cannot let it go. I think I might have told you this before but a while ago I thought there was something wrong with my eyesight. I found a blind spot if I had one eye closed and looked a certain way. Yes, you have to have a certain kind of mind set to find this out!!!! I was obsessed. Checking and rechecking every few seconds until a friend asked me if I thought I could loose my sight without noticing :O This went on for months. I went to the optician; the eye specialist; the eye hospital ~ you name it I was there, every other day!!!!! But nothing reassured me. One lady even sat with me and drew a diagram illustrating where the natural blind spot is in everybody's eye. Even now I'm not totally convinced there if nothing wrong but I've had to chose not to follow the thought.

I worry constantly about something happening to the people I love. I worry constantly about impending disaster. These thoughts and images come to me unbidden but I can't get past the idea that if I can think it it won't happen. That by distressing myself in this way I am somehow protecting myself and others. I'm not sure if this makes any sense. I haven't really explored this thought but there is definitely some rational behind my thinking. As they say "every behaviour earns it's keep" even if it isn't immediately obvious to us.

I'm not sure if Dr Claire Weeks' books are available in the States but if you can get your hands on one she gives a lot of guidance on accepting these thoughts and letting them drift through without interacting with them.

I'm rambling on love and I'm not sure if anything I've said will be of any help but please don't feel you are alone with this.



Thank you so much. I really needed this reply. These thoughts are horrible and it ruins my day and I just feel like I will never beat it. I'm just in so much stress with uni and finding a job and it's just so hard! These thoughts just won't go away.

Remember, distressing though they are, they are only thoughts. They have no power. They cannot hurt you. Neither can they force you to hurt others. They are the product of an exhausted mind. Nothing more sinister than that. The less attention you are able to give them, the less intrusive they will become. It will get better.xxx

I really hope so. These thoughts that I have is really confusing me and it's making me feel horrible about myself. Idk what to do.

I agree with fadedlizard. These obsessive thoughts are from a very stressed out mind. I was the same a few months ago having lost both my parents and my job last year and then my husband was diagnosed with a very serious heart problem this year, Total stress overload for my mind. I developed a 'name ' phobia which made me very anxious with my mind working overtime 24/7 plus a social phobia. As I went through CBT with a great psychologist and my mind became healed through rest , yoga, relaxation tapes and much support from family, friends and this site I have become much better. I am not 100 %, but then who is?? In time you will heal too. Take small steps , be kind to yourself and try some relaxation methods. I wish you all the very best. xx

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AnxiousGal in reply to Jeffju

Thank you so much. I'm sorry about you lost and your husbands diagnosis but you'll be in my prayers. I just hope I can overcome this. I'm glad you are doing better.

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