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Still no better

Soooo it's 5:45am & I still can't sleep due to this extreme worrying & anxiety! Convinced I am going to die with every ache or pain I get, nothing I do seems to be working. Last night I went through all my techniques of overcoming anxiety & it hasn't made me any better. Does anyone have any quick fixes? As waiting to see my psychologist is a long waiting process. Any suggestions at all would be really appreciated!

Thankyou everyone :) at least I know I'm not on my own...

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i think sometimes when your so desperate to stop the anxiety..any routine techniques won't make any odds (and can actually make it feel worse) when u are relying on a quick fix or things that can work for can highten all the stress because it's not working for this case i believe the best thing as scary as it is to ride it out..allow the feelings to come and don't rush it to finish(like saying to yourself 'go on do your worse') it takes away the desperation to get the panic over with..and remember it will eventually go..a panic won't kill you it just doesn't feel very's worth giving it a go right? works sometimes for me..deep slow breaths and keep things/pictures around at hand that make you feel happy xx


Aww thankyou this was really helpful :) I will give it a go, I try and ride it out most times but it doesn't always work, I will eventually find my own quick fix I suppose, thankyou for your comment! Xx


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