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Cannot control my anxiety!

I thought I had gotten over this anxiety but it's come back soooo bad! I cannot stop worrying! I keep getting pains in my left arm and I worry that I'm having a heart attack! But I just think it's anxiety, as much as I tell myself it is the more I don't believe it! I am wide awake most nights worrying myself. Does anyone have any advice what so ever?! Any suggestions would be really helpful!

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I no exactly how you feel, I thought I had solved my anxiety but it came back worse. I went to the doctors and she put me on the waiting list for one to one councilling. They then told me the waiting list was quite long but would I be interested in over the phone therapy or to attend a local anxiety awareness course. I had my first class last night and already feel better knowing I'm not the only person feeling these things. There was only 9 people in the class ranging from me being the youngest (24) to middle aged men to a woman in her 60's. Go and talk to a doctor and please don't be scared I was petrified but it is honestly the best thing I ever did. Hopefully there may be a course or councilling on offer for you

Take care x


Oh Khloe, It's horrible isnt it.

I had an experience like this not long ago. I thought i'd pretty much got over my panic attacks then 'bam' it was back at double the strength.

It waits for us to get calm and complacent i think.

I can't really give any advice because its all just words but i know were your coming from and your certainly not alone. And however horrible it is remember it does leave you alone eventually to relax and enjoy life again.

It's a test and you CAN pass!


The depth and range of experiences is so variable for all human beings. It depends how sever your anxiety was perceived by you first time round, were you hospitalised , did you take medication, have you since come off medication, how long have you suffered, how did it originally manifest etc etc.

Sounds like anxiety though! :)


So sorry to hear this Khloe.We all know just how you feel,this is an illness we have but please know it does get better.even though right now it might be difficult to believe.Thinking of you,

Hugs, Andy


Hi Kloe, being a sufferer of GAD since I was a child I know the best thing is action, diminishes the symptoms quick, its not easy and motivating yourself is the biggest hurdle...Get reading a good book about anxiety and the affects it has on your body (Claire Weekes prob the best and explains it so you understand)...Acceptance is key to learning how to cope and manage anxiety...Get busy, write a list of things you want to achieve on a hourly, daily, weekly basis, break it down, if you achieve 1 thing then that's great...Get out, fresh air, be nice to yourself, if you can try a little exercise, talk to friends, if you have access to you tube, download some of the good affirmations on there, they are only a few minutes long, but reaffirm what you need to hear...I know this all sounds as if its easy but I know it is not, on my bad days I still struggle to get motivated but force myself as I love my family and my life when Im well and just get through things by focusing on this...Stay in touch, small steps Dee


Thankyou all so much for your comments! I am still on medication & have been for a number of years, and have been hospitalised before. I am using all the techniques I was given whilst in hospital. I am very grateful to have such a caring boyfriend who puts up with it all & tries to help me as much as he can! I don't think I can wait to have more counselling as it's a long process, I need some sort of quick fix.



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