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First week on treatment, still here!

Soooo, finally got my Dr to sit up and take notice of me last Wednesday, prescribed Citalapram 20mg and CBT (waiting time = only 2 weeks, which is excellent).

It's been up & down, really. I immediately felt a placebo effect (that's all it was) and on day 3 was ready to stand up and say "I'm cured!", but the next day felt back to square 1, nervous, anxious, upset.

I'm trying to follow my mate's advice and try to surf over the bad feelings, it's good advice and listening to someone who knows is the best way, I think.

Side effects so far, minimal, just a lot of yawning and a dry mouth. Sometimes feels like everything's slowed down and then suddenly catches up.. Weird!

Looking forward to getting through this first two weeks and finally getting to see a counsellor.

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Hi Twisty

Great news you are getting help & that is quick as well , must live in a good area ;-)

Give the meds time , they can take several weeks before they start working

I no that feeling though when we get some positive news & hope , can send us on a high & then when realise "its not a quick fix " back down to earth

But you are on your way forward , it takes time

You speak about surf over the feelings , which is good advice , I do wonder if it was MR B that was giving you such good advice , as that is what worked for him , maybe it was someone else

If it was MR B , we have all been very sad that he left the site yesterday , but hoping he will come back at some stage

Meanwhile , we will help as much as we can , keep talking





It wasn't Mr B, sorry! Although he must be lovely because you're all speaking about him so fondly (sorry I sound like a Jane Austen character now!). It was one of my closest friends who's been through something similar. Thanks for replying x


Well that will be a huge help to you having someone as a friend that knows where you are coming from

Wish you well & look forward to you posting how things go



Hi twisty, i also am on Citalopram and after trying a couple of others, this seems to work for me , although it didn't kick in until after about 6 weeks and i was tempted to try another one so you need to be patient and give it time, te only side affect i have is forgetfulness, but thats not on the list of side effects so i'm just gonna have to admit its down to age!

good luck



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