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Hello. I haven't Blogged In A Week

Hello everyone that reads my blogs.

I told you all that last week I referred myself to a councillor, well, I actually got two replies from my calls and at the moment I have a counselling session on a Tuesday for 50 minutes or so. Not really found it beneficial at the moment.

I have told her stuff from my childhood that she believes is the link to my anxiety.

Anyway. instead of going in to loads of detail and making you all bored. I will tell you about the other one. I liked the sound of that one much better. unfortunately the waiting list is lengthy and right now I am seeing a WELL-BEING practitioner. To be totally honest, he does nothing apart from hand leaflets out he doesn't really say much and as a open judgement no help at all. Anyway, I am going to ride that one out as I that is the route to their counselling.

I just hope that it will not be too long with him lol.

I did promise that I would up date here. Sleeping is a little better but still way from getting to normal. I have an appointment with the CPN. He is another one that just types note up and doesn't do anything. That is why I had to do it myself with sourcing the counsellor myself.

I am going to be firm this time and tell the CPN that I want CBT I am determined to control the anxiety and not let it control me anymore x

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HI, Congratulations on being brave enough to take control!!! i'm sorry you couldn't get the counsellor you wanted. I had a similar problem and really couldn't relate to the first counsellor at all. She too gave me leaflets, which contained info i could have easily found out for myself. I found my current counsellor on this web site: . I don't know if you used this but you can search for counsellors in your area and get information on how they heal and what they specialise in. I chose one who specialises in holistic counselling so she treats all of me, not just my anxieties and it's been wonderful. If you're not happy with your current one, try someone else. I emailed three in total and got replies from each one. Good Luck. Love xxx


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